Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Mix Tape

I'm trying not to sound like Rob from High Fidelity, but I've been noticing lately just how much of a role the mix plays in my life. Just this month I've had a new friend mix me a CD to try and get a feel for my taste in music, an old friend mix me one of songs we've heard at concerts and a former love-interest mix me one dripping with unrequited passion (we're talking Layla, Here's To The Night, Separate Ways and Escape here. Journey AND Enrique Iglesias).

Mixing a CD for someone is touchy. You have to be careful that the songs don't contain any hidden meanings, that they properly show off your musical prowess and that they're songs the person will actually like. It's a delicate process.

But if you need some advice, take it from Rob:

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