Monday, November 2, 2009

Weezer's Undone

Weezer, Weezer. Why have you forsaken me?

You, Weezer, of the great Buddy Holly and Say It Ain't So. I remember watching the Hash Pipe video and rushing to buy the album. I was only 11 and already sold for life. The self-titled blue album is one of my Top Five, and I can sing along to almost every song you've written. You've always been a favorite, a constant source of happiness in my life.

I even made a practice of defending you! Sure, the music is simple, but isn't it charming? It's just too quirky, too basic, almost too primal to really dislike.


Well, so I thought. But really, Weezer, I've been hard-pressed to find any of your later releases that measure up to anything in the first three albums. Maladroit was at least in the same vein of Weezerdom, but who were you trying to kid with Make Believe? Such a pity.

But the red album! That was pretty good! I could feel you coming back around to your roots, dancing between your classic upbeat style (Pork and Beans) and this heavy despairing feel (Heartsongs) you adopted. I had faith, Weezer, that we were going to pull through.

That was before I heard about Lil' Wayne. I would like to say that I trust you enough to use the Weezie/Weezer thing to the best possibility, but I'm just not sure.

So keep fishin' for that sound, Weezer, and whether I like it or not, I'll be behind you. Tomorrow, when I rush to the store to buy your new album Raditude (yes, I still sometimes do that), I'm going to go in with an open mind. Maybe this new sound you keep fishin' for is going to go somewhere great. I'll give it a couple of spins and let you know soon.

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